Welcome to my tribute website for the late great Jeff Rowland – Painter of Rain

After studying art at North Tyneside College, Jeff became self employed as a professional artist in 1984. He used this time to experiment with various mediums, including glass engraving, printing and painting.

Inspired by his grandmother’s use of oil paints,  Jeff Rowland has always been drawn back to painting in oils.

His unique work & style are now world-renowned.

Born 29 January 1964 – Died 16 November 2018

I was unable to attend the funeral of the late Jeff Rowland,

so I am grateful to Johnathan Lake, who proudly acted as a pallbearer for Jeff at Tynemouth Crematorium on Thursday 29th November at 12.45pm. He tells me it was well attended by both family and friends and ironically it was a typical Jeff scene – heavy rain and wind.  With a wonderful and at times humorous service. However, once the service was completed the rain stopped and the clouds cleared – some said Jeff had arrived at peace in heaven and was already busy painting the pearly gates 🙂

I am advised by Jeff’s sister, Helen, they raised a massive £930 collected for charities – proving Jeff’s charity work continues.