Romantic Paintings by Jeff Rowland

Artworx Gallery is proud to present the latest collection of signed limited edition paintings by British artist Jeff Rowland.

Forever Autumn by Jeff Rowland
Forever Autumn by Jeff Rowland

There are three pieces in the collection, ‘Forever Autumn’, ‘You Kept Me Warm’ and ‘I’ve Missed You’. Each piece offers a snapshot of the same couple, sharing a moment together.

Jeff Rowland is celebrated for his fantastic rainy scenes that offer an open narrative where the viewer can imagine what is happening. Anyone who has felt love and intimacy can relate to his emotive paintings. Jeff Rowland paints from his studio on the North East Coast, near Newcastle and claims his inspiration for painting rain-soaked streets comes from his love of cinema. Using a traditional film noir-inspired style, Rowland works into each piece exposing the tiny details, whilst allowing the viewer to make their own interpretation. Jeff talks about his work.

“The inspiration for my work is the cinema and film, particularly the 1950s film noir genre which has always captured my imagination. The rain in my paintings bolsters this noir feel and also has a symbolic meaning. It represents change; a change in mood or within a film plot. I have used this symbolism to suggest change within the composition of my paintings so that the viewer can have their own interpretation of the narrative.” – Jeff Rowland.

you kept me warm by Jeff Rowland

Jeff Rowland is a highly regarded British artist. His paintings follow the love and journey of a relationship, documented in a film noir style. He captures drama and cinematography in a striking fashion. Jeff Rowland is celebrated for his art across Europe and beyond. “I have always been fascinated in two areas of art; the implicit meaning and the inspiration. I was inspired to paint a rain soaked street through films I saw at the cinema. I like to let the viewer of the painting make their own mind up about what is happening with the characters in the composition. I like to add street signs pointing in two different directions suggesting that these two people are coming together, or are they splitting up? Maybe they are having an affair; is their love a secret or are they simply going back to the bar where they first met?”

I've Missed You painting by Jeff Rowland
I’ve Missed You by Jeff Rowland



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