Love Beneath the Bridge by Jeff Rowland

Love Beneath The Bridge

Love Beneath The Bridge – 2017

From Autumn  2017 collection we have another classic from Jeff Rowland.

Love Beneath the Bridge

Jeff Rowland

  • Canvas On Board
  • Image Size: 24in x 19in
  • Framed Size: 26in x 31in
  • Edition size 150
  • Limited Edition
  • £495.00
Love Beneath the Bridge by Jeff Rowland

A charming canvas on board by popular artist Jeff Rowland, as part of his Autumn 2017 collection.

Although he has experimented with a wide range of mediums, Jeff is always drawn back to oil paint.

Fascinated by the implicit meaning and inspiration of art, he says: I am always inspired to experience what I am about to paint. If you are going to do something creative, get to the very heart of it first.”

The original painting is also available £5950 at the Hawthorn Gallery (as of 23/04/2018) 

Image size 30 x 24 inches

Autumn Romance by Jeff Rowland

Autumn Romance (2016)

Autumn Romance by Jeff Rowland

Autumn Romance by Jeff Rowland

I've not seen this limited edition from 2016 for a while so sharing now.......

Last Time I checked none were available from Castle Galleries so this may well be the last available copy of ..... 

For Sale - Please Click >>> HERE <<< for Full Details

Autumn Romance by Jeff Rowland

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.


Limited Edition Print Sold Out Edition!

Meet Jeff Rowland

Jeff Rowland Exhibition

Jeff Rowland Special Appearance in Newcastle

Jeff Rowland artist appearance

Celebrated artist Jeff Rowland will be joining us at our Newcastle gallery from 1-3pm on Saturday 14th April to reveal his stunning new works - including one inspired by Newcastle!

Featuring the world-famous Tyne Bridge, 'Let It Rain' illustrates Jeff's signature rain motif and his masterful command of oil paint. Available exclusively at our event, the boutique edition signifies the start of a journey in the city Jeff is proud to call home.

"I didn't want to do what everyone else had done before," he explains. "I painted it to face Newcastle, and used some 'creative license' to add a 1950s feel."

To find out more or to add your name to the guest list, contact our Castle Fine Art, Newcastle team. 

Jeff Rowland has not made many personal gallery visits since his illness, so now would be a great opportunity to see Jeff - in the flesh - and have a chat about his art. Please make a note of the time and date in your diary Sat 14th April between 1 and 3 pm. Jeff Rowland will be delighted to meet you - and maybe a selfie or two!!!

Besides the "Let it Rain" exclusive I am sure there will be a grand selection of Jeff Rowland limited and original art work on display. Also I expect the opportunity to see the new and limited brass figurine by Jeff entitled "Through Rain and Shine". Please read more details >>Here<<

Through Rain & Shine


Through Rain and Shine

Through Rain & Shine by 

Jeff Rowland

Through Rain & Shine


  • Bronze Sculpture
  • Sculpture height: 15.50in
  • Edition size 195
  • Limited Edition

This title is currently available for pre-order and will be available from April 06 2018

A romantic bronze sculpture by figure and cityscape artist Jeff Rowland.

This piece marks a thrilling new direction for Jeff, as he explains: “This is a very exciting time, as it’s my first-ever venture into the world of sculpture. It represents everything I have explored in my paintings, but brought a sense of realness.”

The couple symbolise togetherness, and the beginning of a story. The umbrella represents the presence of rain; the washing away of the old, and the start of something new.

This new edition is available from Castle Galleries (throughout the UK)