Happy Birthday Jeff Rowland

We celebrate the birth of Jeff Rowland

Today 29th January 2019 we celebrate the birth of Carl Jeffrey Rowland in 1964 – he would have been 55 had he not been so cruelly taken far too early by Leukaemia cancer last year (16 November 2018).

Jeff was born in Willington Quay (an area in the borough of North Tyneside in Tyne and Wear in northern England. It is situated on the north bank of the River Tyne, facing Jarrow, and between Wallsend and North Shields). Pure speculation, on my part, but I discovered (via wikipedia) Willington Quay Maternity Hospital was a 14 bed facility constructed in 1926, the first to be built by Northumberland County Council. It closed during the 1970s and was demolished by 1995. So maybe that was his birthplace?

Jeff was the first born of Arthur Rowland, a shipyard worker, and his wife Pauline (nee Thompson), a “lollipop lady” for 35 years, they were married on 10th March 1961. A little sister, Helen, followed 18 months later to complete the familiy.

Jeff with Sister Helen

School Days: 1975 Norham High School

I’m afraid I have very little info on Jeff’s school days I believe (but not confirmed) he only really enjoyed sport and art. In the photo below Jeff is third from left in the back row

Jeff Rowland: I remember this so very well. 1975……..hated the school
“1st years rugby team. What a formidable bunch!! Obviously, the school only supplied the shirts and I think we must have been told not to smile”.

After school Jeff’s first job was working in a bakery followed by a long list of other trades, odd jobs – but all he really ever wanted to do was paint. I am sure if you are reading this then you are well aware of his success and seen for yourself the legacy Jeff left behind with his numerous works of art.

However, besides art, Jeff Rowland was a family man with his partner Alison Speller and a son Christopher (born 16th February 1995).

Jeff with son Chris 2015
Jeff with son Chris, his Mother Pauline and sister Helen

I am indebted to Jeff’s sister Helen Okeeffe for most of the information supplied. If you spot any errors or can make additional comments please let me know. I hope this has shown a little bit of the private side of Carl Jeffrey Rowland. I trust it has been interesting. Thanks, Brian

Jeff with his idol & hero his much loved father Arthur (1937 – 2006)
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