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A Rare Opportunity to own a Jeff Rowland Original Artwork

With the passing of Jeff Rowland – The Painter of Rain – his original artwork will become rarer and rarer. I am fortunate to own my own piece, a snow scene, along the River Thames, London – maybe I will share here one day. Yesterday I shared details of   We Made It Through The Rain – a Jeff Rowland Original  – A real collector’s piece (  Click Here for More Info: We Made It Through The Rain )    Today I am pleased to share another two originals by the late C.Jeff Rowland.

Listen to The Rain by Jeff Rowland

By the late Jeff Rowland. …..Listen To The Rain

A truly stunning original painting by Jeff Rowland.

The painting has been stored since purchase and is immaculate.

Full documentation included.

The canvas measures 30 x 24 inches.

The overall framed size is 39 x 32.5 inches.

Click Here for Listen To The Rain

Right Here Waiting For You an Original by Jeff Rowland

By the late Jeff Rowland. …..Right Here Waiting For You

A truly stunning original painting by Jeff Rowland.

This has to be one of, if not the most, sought-after pieces of Jeffs Collection. ‘Right Here Waiting For You’ went to a limited edition print and sold out quickly. Many galleries believe that this painting is his finest piece ever.

Jeff shows incredible detail in each individual character and what has to be the best representation of both the lady in red and the gentleman running towards her. The reflections in the down pour..perfect..the lighting from the train…spellbinding…

Hints of darkness light up in the carriage revealing standing figures and steam gentling rising around the carriage.

A deliberate mistake…or clever painting..? The spelling on the sign of Rowntree’s Pastells.. Jeff laughed saying he never even realised.

This is a large painting as Jeff painted regularly many years back, almost twice the size of the standard original. The canvas measures 30 x 48 inches. A fine statement piece.

Full documentation and certificate of authenticity present.

Click Here for Right Here Waiting For You

The eBay seller Johnathan, a long time friend of Jeff ( and someone I know and trust)  has been asked to clear some of the artwork from Jeff’s home, at the request of the family and he as already listed several on eBay – at very competitive prices – including sold out and rare items – Click Here for the Full List Obviously as time progresses the range and quantity will reduce so if you are looking to add to your collection act promptly.

I trust you share my enjoyment of seeing some of Jeff Rowland’s finest works of art. Please return again soon for more!!
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